Black Light Stamps

Black Light Stamps

Risk Reactor Inc.’s line of Readmission Inks and CUSTOM STAMPS help create perfect patron control solutions for you. Stop your lost revenue by ensuring who has really paid for your event, product or service. We offer everything from Invisible Black Light Inks to Un-Inked Stamp Pads, which work perfectly with Risk Reactor Black Lights to secure your revenue. Using invisible ink allows your patrons to return to work or school without an unsightly mark. This unobtrusive method of marking people or paper products is hard to duplicate, which in turn prevents fraud. Get your Readmission Security Solutions from Risk Reactor, where quality products and service is our daily goal. We also have complete kits available and ship promptly. How to use: Simply stamp using our IFWA Series Ink and view under one of Risk Reactor’s Black Lights such as the SUPERTAC-365 Portable Hand Held Black Light, MINIZOOM-395, BRTH-365 just about all of them will work.  Click Here To See FULL STOCKED IMAGES for the stamps. These images can be used with both black light self inking and the wood hand stamps.


1 oz x 6 Pack

UV Stamp Ink

1 oz x 8 Pack

UV Stamp Ink

Pints of

UV Stamp Ink

Gallons of

UV Stamp Ink


Cancun Clear Blue



Clear Blue










Clear UV Red

Un-Inked/Blank Stamp Pads
   Unit Box of 10 Box of 50 Wholesale


Single 10 Pack 50 Pack 100 Pack
PAD-3F Single 10 Pack 50 Pack 100 Pack