Fast Glow Paints

Fast Glow Paints

Fast Glow in the Dark Paints.

This Paint is used in making Shadow Walls, Exhibits, and in other Applications where you need a Glow Paint that absorbs and emits light quickly. Our Fast Glow Paint and Pigment are currently used as Safety Grade. As more and more people understand the potential of our long glowing paints (> 3 Days After a Single Charge), new codes and laws may be implemented to incorporate this New Self-Emitting Light Technology. You can also use this paint to create luminous surfaces that you can “write” on with any light source. Something you should see to believe, it is a really neat effect! Use our BKEY, B14LED UV LED lights as luminous light source “pen” or our Black Lights to charge it. Use any light to create the shadow effect.

Fast Glow in the Dark Pressure Sensitive Vinyl

Peel back surface of this amazing Fast Glow in the Dark Vinyl is quick to apply. Used in Shadow Wall, luminous writing boards, museum, special effects, play actor markers, egress systems, safety color, and make your own glow in the dark cut out sticker. Wow, that is a lot of uses and that is just the beginning. We also have this type of glow in our CPZN1-06 Fast Glow Paint and in pigment form for your other projects.