Risk Reactor Inc.'s DFSB Series which stands for Dye Fluorescent Solvent Based is a wide range of oil based and non-aqueous tracers for every application. Use our highly fluorescent tracer products to trace leaks, create demonstrations, product testing, NDT, and special effects. Some applications require unique characteristics that these tracers provide.

DFSB-C0 Clear Fluorescent Blue Dye Risk Reactor's Clear Fluorescent Blue Dye is stable, light fast and can be used with a variety of solvents. It is used in security inks, paints, coatings, glue, adhesives, tracing, and other applications. Our DFSB-C0 Clear Blue is used in numerous applications and is one item to always include with your order. Clients also use this dye to add to other pigmented mediums to add depth, color, brightness, or a dual effect. For Non-Destructive Testing purposes the DFSB-C0 is the workhorse used by it or in addition to other colorants. This is a light colored powder that when dissolved completely it is absolutely clear or invisible to the naked eye and will show an intense bright color under Risk Reactor Black Light. The color can shift from blue to white depending on the concentration in your medium.

DFSB-K175 and OILTRACER-C8 are used in numerous applications where a fluorescent petroleum additive is needed. It is unusually useful when it is used as a "Leak Detector" for lubrication oils or for the detection of leaks in hydraulic system. It is especially useful for use in detecting oil leaks in internal combustion engines or similar power equipment.

DFSB-K43 Risk Reactor's DFSB-K43 is a clean green-shade yellow soluble in a wide range of solvents. Also soluble in mineral oil and PAG Oil. Great tracer to use in dark fluids, because the yellow shows up the best. Has been approved by the FDA for use in cosmetics and similar applications. Perfect for mineral oil, Used in NDT, petroleum based tracing, leak detection, printing inks, and plastics. This material is used extensively in strain and non-destructive flaw detection.