Stamp Pads

Stamp Pads

Dry stamp pads for use with inks such as our IFWA Readmission Inks actually any ink. Our unique rubber stamps are used with the stamp pads to offer a flat surface to create a clear mark. Simply pour just enough ink to get the pad wet. Keeping the lid closed on the stamp pad and the ink jar will help make it last longer.

 Part Number  1 Unit  Pack of 10  Pack of 50  Pack of 100


Single 10 Pack 50 Pack 100 Pack
PAD-3F Single 10 Pack 50 Pack 100 Pack

Benefits of Risk Reactor's PAD-1 and PAD-3F Stamp Pads:

1.    Convenient!
2.    Durable plastic case and long lasting felt sponge inside!
3.    Lasts a long time!
4.    Comes un-inked so that you can use our UV inks!
5.    Inexpensive!
6.    Use like any other stamp pad!

How to Use: Use this stamp pad as you would any stamp pad. Pour Risk Reactor ink into the stamp pad onto the sponge that is inside. Do not put two colors in the same stamp pad unless you want some wild colors as a result. Keep the blue stamp pad separate so you do not contaminate with another color. To keep the ink moist longer, keep the lid of the plastic case closed. Use the stamp pad in conjunction with Risk Reactor UV Readmission Inks or Fluorescent Porous Inks to invisibly stamp almost any surface.

 ifwac7-case-of-uv-red-fluorescent-ink-cs.jpg 1 oz x 6 Pack 1 oz x 8 Pack 2 oz x 6 Pack 2 oz x 8 Pack Pint Gallon
IFWA-C0 Cancun Clear Blue  6PACK1OZC0  8PACK1OZC0  6PACK2OZC  8PACK2OZC0  IFWA-C0  IFWA-C0Gallon

Used In: Readmission systems, theft prevention, anti-counterfeiting and any situation where you need a stamp pad for security or patron control. Clients also use the stamp pads in industrial settings such as quality control operations.

Click Here To See FULL STOCKED IMAGES for the stamps. These images can be used with both black light self inking and the wood hand stamps.