IFPAP-C01GAL Gallon of Clear Blue Black Light Ink for Porous Surfaces

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Reorder Part Number: IFPAP-C0G1AL Invisible Blue Paper and Porous Marking Ink. This product is a special coating that dries fast and works on numberous surfaces. If this does not work use the IF2-C0 or IF1P-MC0 clear blue UV inks. Goes on clear and fluoresces brightly under long wave black light. Perfect for marking any porous surface.

* Invisible Except Under Black Light!
* Use With Stamp Pad and Stamp for Difficult Duplication!
* Bright Fluorescent Color!
* Mark Belongings!
* Prevent Theft!
* Fast Drying and Simple to Use!

IFPAP-C01GAL UV Gallon Product Description:
This is a simple, portable, and inexpensive way to control documents and other porous materials such as receipts, money, etc. The mark is invisible to the naked eye allowing the user track the item without being detected. You can make thousands of marks from a single bottle making it very economical. When used with our battery operated black lights, you now have a security system that is portable. Our ink dries fast allowing you to mark numerous items quickly. Can also be used with stamps and stamp pads. For permanent situations we also carry plug in mounted black lights. Risk Reactor will also manufacture an ink to meet your requirements. 

Benefits of Risk Reactor's IFPAP-C01GAL Clear Blue Porous Surface Marking Ink:

  • Goes on absolutely clear!Strong long lasting invisible ink!
  • Fluoresces a bright blue under long wave black light!
  • Can be used on trading cards, badges, money, any porous material!
  • Invisible mark lasts a long time!
  • Fast Drying!
  • Simple To Use!
  • Pays For Itself!
  • Made For Long Wave Black Lights!
  • Ready To Use - No Mixing!
  • Very economical!
  • Hard to duplicate preventing loss of revenues!

IFPAP-C01GAL is Used In:
Anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting paper products, marking retail documents and receipts, legal documents, proof of purchase, security markings, document tracking, folder gluers, paper processesing plants, online security of porous goods being sold such as online auctions, and anywhere you need an invisible fluorescent mark.

How to Use:
Use by applying a rubber-stamp imprint, brush, roll on, spray, etc. of our fluorescent ink to the item. The ink is invisible on the substrate, dries within seconds, and cannot be transferred or washed off porous surfaces. The ink dries fast allowing you to mark items quickly. Pass the tagged material under a black light to see the invisible marking. You may add colors periodically, or change the marking pattern so as to confuse would be crooks. Used in sting operations and employee theft. Mark paper money and track where the money goes. Most institutions do not allow employees to make change due to the fact that they can make a mistake. Ensure that money you put in the register comes back to you. Also use the ink to mark receipts to prove that the client is returning an item with a legit receipt.

Fluorescent Porous Inks can also be used on most porous surfaces. The ability to track products saves you money. You can also use this ink on paper, textiles, trading cards, badges, coupons, price tags, etc. Tickets, raffle tickets, and other important documents can be tagged using this ink. Risk Reactor will also formulate new inks to suite your needs.

Technical Information:

Specific Gravity AF: 0.79 at 68
Density at -f 6.6 lbs/gal at 68
Solubility in Water wt. % at AF: 100.00 at 68
SP Grav. Of Vapor at 1 atm (air=1): Greater than 1.00
Evaporation Rate n-bu acetate=1: 2.3
Vapor Pressure mmhg at AF: 46 at 77
Viscosity of Liquid AF: -128
Freezing/melting point AF: 180 to 181
Packaging: Gallon, Pint Containers.

Our Invisible Fluorescent Marking Pens are fast, easy, and a convenient way to invisibly mark items. Perfect for retail stores, manufacturing processes, quality control, retail, ownership, and anywhere you may need to mark an item quickly and invisibly. Using our 6 " Hand Held Battery Operated Black Light to view the marks allows you to have a portable system.

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Warranty Information

2 Year Warranty!*
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