BMAX-365 Super strong UV light that emits 365 NM Pure Black Light Flashlight With Batteries

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  • Super UV BMAX-365 energy emitting flashlight for forensic science and industrial inspecions
  • Strongest 365 NM light that fits in the hand BMAX-365
  • BMAX-365 Super strong UV light that emits 365 NM Pure Black Light Flashlight With Batteries
  • Plastic bag BMAX-365 ultra violet light with three AAA batteries included
  • Pocket sized UV light BMAX-365 crime scene tool
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Part number BMAX-365 is super strong 365 NM black light.

Benefits of Risk Reactor's BMAX-365 Black light Flashlights:

  1. Pocket-sized Alternate Light Source.
  2.  Super Singe UV LED's  (365nm-370nm).
  3. 3 AAA-cell Black Metal host.
  4.  Click on/off rubber tail cap switch.
  5.  Useful battery life typically 10 hours (alkaline cells)
  6. Supports Alkaline, Lithium, and NiMH batteries.
  7. 5 inches long makes it perfect for your pocket.

How to Use UV Lights:

  1. Do not unscrew head.
  2. Use caution to avoid direct exposure to eye.
  3. Not a toy — keep out of reach of children!

Risk Reactor’s BMAX-365 black light flashlight is great for so many different applications, projects, and your light source needs! Risk Reactor customers that have purchased the BMAX-365 include: police officers, bar owners, club owners, event staff for admission purposes, banks and business that have high volumes of cash handling

“I tell our citizens to mark all their valuables with the invisible pen and then use the BMAX-365 for inspections of stolen property” --Lieutenant  Swift, Milford

This flashlight is for adult use only and should not be played with by children.  The head cap should stay on at all times.  Replace batteries in bottom of black light base.  Keep contact with skin to a minimum and never look directly into the bulb. 

In the kind of world that we live today preventing counterfeit can be difficult but with a UV black light you can verify the item in an instant. You can identify the authentication of important documents and items such as currency, bank drafts, bankbooks, passports and certificates. There are handheld black light lamps, torch lamps and UV counterfeit detectors. In order to determine the best fit for you it is important to take into account the UV light irradiation and intensity, ambient light levels and process integration.

Attention: Do not unscrew flashlight head. Avoid direct and strongly reflected exposure. 

BMAX-365 nm Battery Operated Flashlight Black Light perfect for our ID cards, Security Notes, readmission applications, automotive leak testing, inspection of inks, dyes, and paints. Aluminum Casing “AAA”Click Here to Get Yours Today!

Industrial Strength Black Light Safety Glasses

Black Light UV Batteries.









Size AAA Batteries 1.5V No Heavy Metals Alkaline-Zinc.Magnanese Dioxide





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