PAD-50 Box of Fifty Dry Bulk Blank Stamp Pads for Use with Any UV Ink

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  • PAD-50 with plastic case and long lasting felt sponge on the inside ready for any ink including our invisible UV inks
  • Box of PAD-50 Invisible UV stamping kit with the PAD1 and other items that come with the kit
  • Packaged front and back of PAD-50 stamp pad and one open ready for our IFWAC0 Cancun Clear Blue stamping inks.
  • PAD-50 with 2 ounces of readmission black light inks and wood hand stamp
  • The open felt stamp pad is ready for your ink or our invisible fluorescent hand ink.
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50 Bulk Stamp PAD-1. Size No.1 3" X 4 ½" Felt Sponge Stamp Pad. We can also custom label this product for you with your company or function logo!

Black light fluorescent stamp pad product Description:

Uninked stamp pads for use with inks such as our Readmission Inks, IFPAP series, etc. Our unique rubber stamps are used with the stamp pads to offer a flat surface to create a clear mark. Simply pour just enough ink to get the pad wet. Keeping the lid closed on the stamp pad and the ink jar will help make it last longer.  

Benefits of Risk Reactor's PAD-1 Stamp Pads:

Convenient!Durable plastic case and long lasting felt sponge inside!
Lasts a long time!
Comes un-inked so that you can use our UV inks!
Use like any other stamp pad!

Used In:
Readmission systems, theft prevention, anti-counterfeiting and any situation where you need a stamp pad for security or patron control. Clients also use the stamp pads in industrial settings such as quality control operations.

Technical Information:

Plastic outer case with a felt sponge inside. Comes without ink and private labeling is available.

How to Use:
Use this stamp pad as you would any stamp pad. Pour Risk Reactor ink into the stamp pad onto the sponge that is inside. Do not put two colors in the same stamp pad unless you want some wild colors as a result. Keep the blue stamp pad separate so you do not contaminate with another color. To keep the ink moist longer, keep the lid of the plastic case closed. Use the stamp pad in conjunction with Risk Reactor UV Readmission Inks or Fluorescent Porous Inks to invisibly stamp almost any surface.

Try one of Risk Reactor’s unlinked stamp pads for any of your stamping needs.
Value of buying a stamp pad through Risk Reactor, other than at a craft store:

The convenience of purchasing all your stamping needs in one place.  Order one of our stocked stamps or a custom stamp right here, along with visible or invisible ink.  With invisible ink, we also offer the black lights to best see your stamp image.
The quality of the pad.  Risk Reactor stamp pads have thick and resilient pads that do not ware out after demanding stamping. The pad case is sturdy and seals easily to keep ink from drying out.
The flat surface.  Risk Reactor stamp pads produce an agreeable image every time!
Cost. Risk Reactor’s stamp pads are cost effective, and we offer discounts on bulk purchases.
Versatility. You can use a Risk Reactor stamp pad with a Risk Reactor wooden stamp or with a regular wooden stamp purchased at a craft or office supply store.
Risk Reactor’s stamp pads come without ink in them so you can fill it with any ink.  We suggest Risk Reactor invisible or visible ink.

Use Risk Reactor’s Stamp Pads For:
Readmission control
Great for events
Bars, clubs, concerts, charity events, and radio gift give-aways use them all the time!
Daily use in the office
Works well for shipping departments.
Use for security issues with invisible inks.

How to use a Risk Reactor stamp pad with Risk Reactor ink:

Using Risk Reactor’s stamp pads is extremely easy! Just pour a small amount of ink into the pad until it is just barely wet.  Take a test stamp.  If the image comes out smooth and full then you have enough ink on the pad.  If not, just add a little more.  Make sure to close that lid after every use to keep the ink fresh.

Applications.Use by applying a rubber stamp (We make custom stamps, click here for more information.) imprint of our fluorescent ink to the patron's hand. The ink is invisible on the skin, dries within seconds, and cannot be transferred or washed off. The ink dries fast so that the patron can not share the image with other patrons. Pass the hand under one of our black lights to see the invisible marking. This bright, durable ink works up to twenty four hours. You may change colors periodically, or change the marking pattern so as to control traffic into separate shows or security areas. It is suggested to use a non-symmetrical stamp to ensure difficulty is duplicating and to change color periodically.

How do I use the kit? Pour enough IFWA-C0 Cancun Clear Blue to wet the surface (cap full) of a clean PAD-1 Un-Inked Stamp Pad. Then stamp on the wet pad and then onto the desire surface. Review the invisible mark under one of Risk Reactor’s offered Black Lights such as the B14LED a 14 UV LED powerful, portable Black Light (3 AA INCLUDED!) that you now have. We also manufacture Special Readmission Inks for clients that have a particular need such as slower drying, faster, stronger, and non-flammable characteristics. We carry portable, battery-operated, and plug in black lights, so you can use them with or without a power source. You can also use the kit to mark other porous surfaces such as paper, tickets, coupons, etc as a security mark.


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