UV Simulation

UV Simulation

Risk Reactor manufacture's a complete line of contamination simulation powder and simulation liquid systems that allow our clients to train safely for a wide variety of situations. From Bio-Terrorism to teaching children the value of thoroughly washing hands, we offer germ simulation products that are safe and easy to use. Simulate germs (PWT-06), bio-agents (PXT-07), radioactive materials (PDT-06 and PSW-06), chemical spills, and much more.

Some of our clients include Home Land Security, Oil Companies, Nuclear Power Facilities, Corporate Trainers, teaching hospitals, long-term care facilities, food service, Colleges, day-care, public school systems, clinics, and Schools around the world!

These products are easy to use and work in conjunction with our Black Lights . Simply put the product on the area desired and use a black light to view. Spread the product out until it is invisible to the naked eye. If you can still see the simulation product, that usually means it is too concentrated.

We do have other color of simulation powders available as well as volume discounts. Simulate radiation, chemical spill, Anthrax, bio-terrorism, etc. You can also use these products to make sure an area has been cleaned. Place the product in an area where you suspect that is not being cleaned and review with black light. Depending on the type of surface and type of cleaning to be done, you can choose from an easy sweep PSW-06 or a really good cleaning with PXT-07.