Glow Screen Inks

Glow Screen Inks

We have the widest selection of Screen Glow in the Dark Inks, get yours today!

We use only the best phosphorescent colorants to make it glow. Keep your mesh size open as possible 60 if you can. The tighter the mesh the less glow color will be laid down on each pass. Each color of glow ink will be different but mostly around 45 um in size but we can custom make any ink using smaller pigment size.

Are these SS screen inks made for fabric?

Yes the SS- Series is not made for paper, it has to be heat set like plastisol. Once it sets with heat then it can be washed over and over again. The glowing surface can be used as a writing surface by any light source. Small flash lights work best like our MINIZOOM-395 to write on the surface.

Glow in the Dark Toilet Seats
  Elongated Toilet Seat Round Style Toilet Seat
Soothing Blue GLOWSEAT-RB